Sinergie di suoni - orchestera plettro

Un'orchestra di mandolini e chitarre: l'Orchestra a plettro città di Milano


The mandolin orchestras

In the collective imagination, the mandolin is associated with Naples and the South of Italy but the mandolin orchestras have known a wide and widespread diffusion in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries especially in the northern and central regions of Italy where they had the important role of spreading of the symphonic and opera repertoire. For those who could not go to the theater (especially for economic problems), the opportunity to come into contact with the great masterpieces of opera and symphonies was often guaranteed by plectrum orchestras that interpreted transcripted repertoires. Hence the tendency to consider mandolins as “minor brothers” of stringed instruments and plectrum orchestras only emulators of symphonic orchestras.

  • In the twentieth century a repertoire of original music for plectrum instruments was finally established, for instruments that have timbric, dynamic and expressive resources peculiar and unique. In the meantime, the establishment of mandolin chairs in the italian Conservatories has made it possible for the plectrum orchestras to dispose not only of amateurs but also of graduated in mandolin and guitar who favored the renewal of the repertoire, starting from their higher level of knowledge. The fact is, however, that stringed instruments and plectrum instruments have continued their way by ignoring each other.

orchestra tambur

The Tambur and the tamburitza orchestras
la Tamburaski orkestar Opcine Semeljc (Croazia)

orchestra mediterranea

The Mediterranean orchestra(Sacile PN) 2016

  • Dialogue between the musical instruments of the Mediterranean culture: a great variety of tonal resources and sound effects, moments of enjoyment of other forms of beauty

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