2° edition

Mediterranean Youth Orchestra

17-22 July 2018

City of Conegliano (Treviso)


City of Conegliano

Province of Treviso

Veneto Region

Mediterranea Youth Orchestra - 1st ed. - Sacile (PN) July 2016

Dialogue among
the instruments of the Mediterranean
culture: a wide variety of tonal resources and sound
effects, moments of enjoyment of other beauty declinations

Organizer: Associazione musicale “Il Plettro”

Via San Mor, 28 - Vittorio Veneto - Italy

17-22 July 2018

The aim

The aim is to organize a meeting between young musicians from various countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, during which they will play side by side for a few days a repertoire made up of both songs characteristic of their tradition, appropriately revisited and reworked and new songs composed for this event. Therefore the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra will be a valid opportunity to promote, through the universal and unifying language of music, an intercultural education, a prerequisite to foster the spirit of unity, cooperation, understanding, respect and tolerance.

The partecipants

The Mediterranean Youth Orchestra will be composed of 45 - 50 musicians (15-25 years old) coming from Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Macedonia, Israel and from any Country bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The instruments

The following instruments will be used:
- mandolins, mandolas, guitars, bandurrias, laud, biserniza, brac, bugarija ecc.
- string instruments: violins, violas, cello, contrabass
- oud, quanun, violin, percussion instruments ecc.

The programme

The most important element in the programme of this orchestra is the dialogue between the ensemble of plectrum instruments and that of string instruments. In this second edition there will be a further possibiliy of dialogue also with the instruments belonging to the Arab culture. This represents an important cultural and artistic challenge.

Application form

Deadline: April 30 th 2018
Please return by April 30th 2018 to:
[email protected]


The compositions, specially composed for this orchestra, are:

Vincent Beer-Demander

(Marsiglia France): La Fanciulla

Carlos Blanco Ruiz

(San Asensio - La Rioja - Spain): Mare Nostrum

Kobi Hagoel

(Israel): Uncle Pepo uncle Jako

Luigi Salamon

(Conegliano Italy ) : Mix down

N. B. Around the middle of April, two other pieces will be added, one by a Croatian composer and the other one by an Algerian composer.

Event Venue

The musicians will meet in the city of Conegliano (Treviso) where they will be hosted and rehearsals will take place. Full board for the entire period of stay is charged to the organization. The participants only have to pay the costs of travel.

Activity Calendar

Tuesday: arrival
Wednesday: rehearsals**
Thursday: rehearsals**
Friday: rehersals in the morning
concert in the evening in Valdobbiadene
Saturday: concert in Vittorio Veneto
Sunday: concert in Conegliano
Monday: departure

**Rehearsals in the morning with separated groups of instruments, in the afternoon with the whole orchestra

Expected results

Provided that in our multiethnic society, for the growth of music consumption that has accompanied the advent of mass society, the musical industry runs all the risks of homologation of languages and of making them flatten on consumerism (this is especially true for young people, who are immersed in a musical marked which levels and homologates eveything), our initiative assumes a pedagogical value to the extent it contributes to create an open sensitivity, able to revive the languages and their social contexts in order to enjoy the musical training processes in a critical way, involved and conscious.

There will be also an important opportunity for the plucked instruments, to demonstrate that they are versatile instruments, able to interpret other repertoires, an unusual event for instruments still today considered mainly of folclore.

Scheduled Concerts

Friday: Valdobbiadene
Saturday: Vittorio Veneto
Sunday: Conegliano

Conditions of Participation

- Age: between 15 and 25 years
- application form with a short curriculum


Artemisio Gavioli

(Conegliano, Italy)

Project Manager. Honorary president of FMI (Italian Mandolin Federation)

Stefano Squarzina

(Ferrara Italy)

Artistic Director. Oboist, composer, musical director of the “Gino Neri” Orchestra in Ferrara, Artistic director of the Formazione Cameristica Italiana, Wind Instrumentation Techniques teacher at the "G. Frescobaldi "of Ferrara, conductor of the" Vittore Veneziani "Choral Academy of Ferrara.

Alex Timmerman

(Zwolle, Holland)

Conductor. Co-founder, artistic leader and conductor of HET CONSORT, well-known Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra.

Giancarlo Nadai

(Farra di Soligo TV Italy)

Tutor of String Ensemble. Professor of violin at the Conservatory of Trieste, since 1980 he has undertaken a brilliant chamber music activity with various formations in Italy and abroad. He is the artistic director and conductor of the "Piccola Orchestra Veneta" a string ensemble formed by talented students.

Vlado Čatić

(Semeljci, Croatia)

Tutor of Plectrum Instruments. Artistic director and conductor of the Tamburaški orkestar Općine Semeljc Croatia